Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Red Orb with Scowling Face Caught by Camera after Kid-like Apparition Sighted

My friends and I were in Bicol pretending to be ghost hunters in a hundred-year-old house when we caught what may be one of the most amazing and scariest pictures I have ever taken. I myself was surprised by what I captured on camera (left; magnified). Once the image orb is viewed in close up, a scowling face is revealed. It was quite unexpected but the image coincided neatly with what my friend saw for an instant after the lights blacked out.We had just exited the haunted house when the power outage occurred.

We had just come out of an abandoned house. That house is really part of a group of houses in a family compound. We were in a parking area and weren't expecting anything to happen when the lights went out. My friend had the flashlight and he turned immediately to shine the light behind him when he exclaimed and said he saw a kid behind him for an instant! He didn't really give details, except for the that it was a kid. He really did seem to have seen something which shocked him. There were other kids with us but they were all in front of him. I was behind him so I knew there was no one standing where he saw the apparition. At left is the orb face with emboss effect applied to it. You can clearly see here that there is a question mark-like symbol on its forehead.

Right after my friend saw the ghostly-kid, I took two pictures of the general area with two with him as the foreground. I immediately checked out the first shot and was amazed to find a red orb where the kid was seen. I magnified it and saw what appeared to be a scowling child's face inside the red orb! I showed it to my friend and he said that it's the kid he saw. The other image (immediately below; cropped section follows) also contained an orb, but it looked like an eye (left; magnified and contrast-enhanced) instead of a ball with a face. Could it be the same manifestation as the face orb?

The photo at the top is the original and not enhanced (as well as the one on the left). You can see the faint red orb on the left side. The second photo has had the contrast enhanced. The image below shows the close up of the orb from the non-enhanced picture. Even when faint, you can clearly see eyes and a nose inside the orb, and the face does appear to be scowling! The way the orb catches the light makes it appear to be almost tangible, as if semi-material. Is this orb a manifestation of a child's spirit? Is it the image of an elemental spirit related to the brownie? And why is it red, anyway? Does the color mean it's a fire elemental?

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House sprite leaves footprints on walls. Possibly a brownie.

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