Saturday, November 9, 2013

What Chakra Lifetime Are You In?

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 Chakra Pillow for Third Eye Intuition by Gurutej KhalsaSometimes, during those rare times when you get to be introspective, you may wonder what you're really doing in this life and who you were meant to share your life with, although even without consciously thinking or doing anything about, it you still and will end up with people who will share your life with one way or the other and who play a part in setting the stage for you. There will be people who you will not get along with and there will be those who will form a special bond with. You may wonder why this is so. There is a reason, and according to Gurutej Khalsa, a pioneering Kundalini yoga teacher in the United States, it concerns the lifetime you are in in terms of chakras.

You don't have to believe in chakras to appreciate what she's saying about lifetimes and chakras, but her explanation can give you enough insight to help you realize your life to the fullest. According to her, there are cycles in your lifetime, as well as the lifetime of each and every one of us. Each cycle (or lifetime as a whole) is related to one of the seven chakras, or what we'll call power centers of the body. Each chakra has an energy or vibration and a lifetime, whether yours or your friend's or family member, aligns with an energy level which corresponds to one of the chakras. If you are in the Crown Chakra, for instance, then you are peaceful and spiritual; if you are in the Second Chakra, then you are sexual and creative.

If you are a spiritual person and you get involved with someone who's lifetime cycle is in the second chakra, then you might not get along very well, such that a conversation with that person about healing candles will only lead to nowhere since the other person will be more interested in something less lofty. You are not sharing the same lifetime with this person, and while you may find each other interesting, you're not in the same vibrational level and if you're wondering if it can lead to a lasting relationship, think again. It can be an amazing experience, though. But the difference in lifetimes does not mean you're better than the other person or the other way around. It simply means you are in a different chakra lifetime. Gurutej Khalsa will say that all levels of experience reveal The Divine. She says, "Some just mix like water and oil—not very well. If you look at life from this place, then you will see that it is not about right or wrong; it is about what is effective for you in this incarnation."

To know what chakra lifetime you are in, learn to master your chakra energies and then allow yourself to see (or feel) your life from a neutral point of view. You can use physical tools like a Yoga Chakra Pillow and kundalini yoga meditation exercise techniques. When you become aware of your lifetime cycle chakra, you will begin to appreciate your life more and appreciate things that happen as gifts that you can enjoy. You will also attract the kind of lifelines (relationships) that will help you in your life journey.

 Chakra Pillow for Third Eye Intuition by Gurutej Khalsa - alvinwriter
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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Medicine Woman Reading Candles Sees the Dwarves in Wax

Old woman medium healer performs a candle reading ritual.

Can candles be used in place of crystal balls to have sight beyond sight? This old folk medicine woman in the Philippines easily answers that question as she practices reading candles, also known as candle wax or candle drip reading. It is a form of psychic scrying or divination wherein candle wax is either dripped or dropped into water where it forms a shape that's interpreted by the reader (see image below).

This Filipino medicine woman was consulted regarding the cause of a young man's skin condition. She has been reading candles as a living and is approached by locals for a variety of reasons - many relating to supernatural creatures like dwarves and other elemental beings which have been disturbed by people. This medium often gets visitors asking for candle readings.

In this candle reading, the wax formed the shape of two dwarfs (one large; one small). The pointed appearance of parts of the wax were seen as the pointed hats of the dwarves. To the untrained eye, a lot of imagination may be needed to see this, but this woman medium recognizes the figure of the dwarves immediately. She carefully wrapped the wax figure in a piece of newspaper and gave instructions to have the afflicted place it under his pillow before sleeping and also to burn incense. This psychic rituals are meant to appease the elemental being, or elementals (the dwarves or whatever), concerned so that they may forgive the human victim and reverse the punishment, which in this case took the form of a facial rash.

Going back to the question: Can candles be used for scrying and divination? For psychics and mediums, the answer is yes, but it's up to you to believe or not.

Dwarf-like wax figure from reading candles.